WRX Trade Matt Lacquer (001) 400ml

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WRX Trade Matt Lacquer is a high-quality aerosol lacquer that helps to protect paint finishes from the elements. The lacquer is also recommended when using WRX Trade spray paints on items such as garden furniture as it will protect the paint from wearing during contact with skin and sweat.

WRX is ecological as it does not contain lead and Chlorinated fluoro hydrocarbon, it does not harm the ozone layer. It has a high coating and covering power. It forms an elastic protective decorative film coat with a remarkable strength against mechanical abrasions and chocks. WRX dries quickly, and it is colourfast with a permanent glossy character. WRX has a very high adherence on the surface (necessary to pre-treat some surface by special primers wherever requested) and it does not crack by time.

WRX Spray Application

  • Ensure application surface to be painted is clean, and fully freed from grease, dust, loose particles/paint layer, rust and humidity.
  • The can is ready to apply.
  • Release the security trigger on the cover.
  • Shake it well (for at least by 1-2 minutes after you heard the agitator ball has started to rattle inside) and push in short blasts to apply with constant finger pressure on its dispersion valve from 25-30 cm distance from the surface and apply it with an even dispersion rate in double-cross consecutive light coats (shake occasionally during the use and allow 3-5 minutes between two coats).
  • When the application is finished, if still remainder paint in the bottle, return the bottle upside down and press on its dispersion valve until it loosens in order to be able to re-use it at another time.

WRX Spray Paint Drying Time (20℃)

  • Touch-free in 5-20 min.
  • Full dry in 8-12 hours.
  • Resistance to abrasions and chemicals in 24 hours.

WRX Spray Coverage

2,5-3 m2 (single coat) / 400 ml can depending on assortment.

WRX Spray Nozzle

  • WRX’s unique spray nozzles deliver a 50-50 paint-gas, first phase spray, every time.
  • Nano-technology is added for enhancing the molecular bonding between the resin and the pigment.
  • WRX has developed an advanced nozzle called “MICROMIST”. The channels in the nozzle create a “Whirl” effect.
  • WRX Spray Ozone Friendly
  • WRX contains no harmful colourants, pigments or resins and no ozone-damaging propellants.

Safety Cap

Childproof patented safety cap.

Net Content

400 ml


Typical solvent.


From 7 to 92 Gloss.

Density at 20°C

0,75 ÷ 0,80 g/ml.

Pressure at 20°C

4,0 ± 0,5 bar

Pressure at 50°C

8,0 ± 0,5 bar

Viscosity Ford Cup 4

From 11″ to 12,5″

Remaining Dry Cylinder

From 12% to 23,8%

Thickness 1 hand

11 Micron

Thickness 3 hands

32 Micron

Temperature resistance

100-120° C


Can containing pressurised liquid.

Grit to grindometro

From 0 to 2 Micron.

Flash Point

 < 0℃

Supply specifications

15 bar foil-coated can.

Storage Instructions

3 years in the sealed pot at room temperature. Highly pressurized container, no smoking. Store it at well-ventilated place, avoid direct exposure to sunlight, do not expose it to a naked flame.
Size 400ml
Barcode 5060614970019
Product Type Spray Paints
Brand WRX Trade


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