WRX Trade High Temperature Paint Black (R9005H) 400ml

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WRX Trade high-temperature paint is ideal for use on BBQ's, fire pits, wood burners and more. It is a special silicone paint that can resist temperatures up to 600 degrees Centigrade with peaks of 800 degrees Centrigrade.


The paint must be passivated for at least 2 days, on the third day the object must be gradually brought to a temperature of 300 ° to definitively stabilize the paint; after this operationthe object can be fired up to the desired temperature, through furnaces or by induction of heat.

Please Note

The product at room temperature (about 20 ° C) is semi-glossy (for opaque colors). To obtain the specific opacity of the color, the product must always be brought to the operating temperature as described above. The can 400 ml cover
Size 400ml
Barcode 5060614970033
Product Type Spray Paints
Brand WRX Trade


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