Molykote HP-300 Grease

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Size: 500g
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Molykote HP-300 Grease is a fully fluorinated product that provides extraordinary performance under extreme conditions. It is compatible with most plastics, has excellent stability at high temperatures and the base oil has extremely low vapour pressure. It can be safely used on cleanroom equipment and is ideal for use in oxygen-rich environments where high resistance to oxidization is needed. Molykote HP-300 grease is also certified as NSF H1.


  • Compatible with most plastics
  • Excellent stability at high temperatures
  • Superior resistance to chemicals and solvents
  • Minimal deterioration due to oxidation, appropriate for long-term lubrication
  • Low vapour pressure (base oil)


  • Perfluoropolyether
  • Fluorinated polymer


MOLYKOTE HP-300 Grease can be used broadly under harsh conditions such as low or high temperatures, corrosive, solvent,liquefied natural gasses, high vacuum, etc. It can be used on cleanroom equipment and semiconductor manufacturing equipment where the volatilization of the lubricating material is undesirable.

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Size 500g
Product Type Greases
Brand Molykote

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