Castrol Aircol PD Air Compressor Oil

Castrol SKU: 80014F831

Viscosity: 46
Size: 20L
Sale price£64.78Inc VAT (£53.98 Exc VAT)
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Castrol Aircol PD is a high-performance compressor oil that provides good protection against corrosion and can extend time between oil changes saving you time and money.


  • Good viscosity characteristics over a wide range
  • Excellent water separation characteristics allows condensation to readily separate from the oil minimising the risk of emulsions which could block the oil separator element.
  • Prevents corrosion when operating under humid conditions.
  • Excellent coalescing properties means little carry over of oil in the air stream.
  • Low deposit forming tendencies extends oil change intervals and provides longer air filter life which contributes to a reduction in maintenance goals.
  • Good thermal stability, low volatility and low carbon formation reduces the risk of fire and explosion.
  • Available in 46, 68 & 100 viscosities.
    Size 20L
    MPN 14F831
    Product Type Lubricants and Chemicals
    Brand Castrol


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