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Univet Vanguard Coating


Univet Vanguard Coating Image

The Vanguard coatings overwhelmingly exceed the tests prescribed by EN 166, due to their exceptional features: the lenses never fog up and never reach the saturation point. After the standard test has been carried out, the anti-scratch has an optical lens quality almost equal to the new one and which did not undergo a test. PLUS and UDC coatings have permanent properties even after repeated washings and are ideal for harsh weather conditions and complex working environments.

Vanguard Plus

Vanguard Plus

Vanguard plus is the coating to ensure both scratch-proof and anti-fog-proof sides, with K and N certification. The coating guarantees anti-fog properties 5 times higher than the norms and abrasion resistance more than twice the EN 166 standard.

Vanguard UDC

Vanguard UDCVanguard UDC is a separate and double coating, Flow Coating Anti Fog inside and Anti Scratch outside, with an exceptional performance and the K and N certification. The coating guarantees anti-fog properties and superior abrasion resistance, ideal for the most hostile environments.


Univet 6X3

Univet 6X3 Goggles featuring Vanguard UDC

Univet Research and Development department designed 6X3 goggle with the intention of combining a higher level of protection and an innovative style. Equipped with a panoramic lens, it offers excellent peripheral vision and it can be used comfortably with any corrective eyewear. The originality of 6X3 takes form in the design of the face support that ensures a proper seating for respiratory masks and half masks and in the use of the facial protection, that provides additional defence to the operators face.


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