Safe and Sustainable Metal Cleaning with the SAFE-TAINER™ System

At Univar we pride ourselves on supplying safe and sustainable solutions to our customers. That is why we chose the SAFE-TAINER™ System from SAFECHEM.

The SAFE-TAINER™ System provides a safe, state-of-the-art delivery method for solvent-based closed cleaning machines used in industrial metal cleaning. Developed by SAFECHEM it is considered to be the Best Available Technology for safe and sustainable transport, storage and handling of solvents.

How it works

The SAFE-TAINER™ System consists of two different containers that are designed for their respective purpose. One container holds a supply of fresh solvent that is drawn into the cleaning system; the other is empty and collects the old, used solvent. Each container contains a drum with a capacity of 216.5 litres.

This solution allows the safe transfer of fresh material and allows the user to safely return the used solvent to be recovered in an accredited professional recycling facility.


How SAFE-TAINER™ System works.


Chlorinated Solvents

Cleaning and degreasing metal components for applications such as precision engineering is a quality-critical step in the manufacturing process. Chlorinated Solvents like Perchloroethylene, Trichloroethylene and Methylene Chloride are a tried and proven cleaning media for achieving high-quality cleaning, especially in industries where there is a high level of contamination or in demanding industries such as aerospace or automotive.

DOWPER™* (Perchloroethylene)

DOWPER™* is a specially developed perchloroethylene solvent that is 99.95% pure and virgin. Due to its efficient and non-flammable and easy recycling characteristics, it is classed as the benchmark solvent surface cleaning and degreasing.

DOWPER™* MC (Perchloroethylene Solvent)

Used for surface cleaning in closed systems

NEU-TRI™° E (Trichloroethylene)

Used for partial cleaning by vapour degreasing in closed systems.

DOWCLENE™* 16 Series (Modified Alcohol Solvents)

DOWCLENE™* 16 Series is a range of Modified Alcohol Solvents that have non-polar and polar properties. They are suited to removing a variety of contaminants in applications such as the cleaning of heat exchangers. Some are also approved and used in aerospace and medical cleaning applications.

To find out more about the DOWCLENE™* 16 Series please contact us using the form below or call us on 01827 255250.


CHEMAWARE™ Solvents Training

It is important that you and your staff fully understand how to use and handle the solvents used in the SAFE-TAINER™ System. Univar and SAFECHEM can provide comprehensive in-house training for the safe handling and usage of solvents. Items covered by the training include:

  • Chlorinated solvents
  • The safe handling of CHC
  • Equipment protection and solvent maintenance: Solvent withdrawal from the cleaning machine accomplishment of the solvent maintenance with MAXICHECK™ Test Kits.
  • Use of MAXISTAB™ Stabiliser concentrates for quality assurance and equipment protection.
  • Handling of the SAFE-TAINER™ System

Chemical and Technical Consulting

Univar and SAFECHEM can provide consultation on all issues related to the use of chlorinated solvents, from handling practices to the optimisation of the cleaning process or implementation of new solvents and cleaning solutions.

Solvent Analysis Service

In most cases, fast on-site solvent tests will provide adequate information for re-stabilisation. However, in some cases, the cause for rapid MAXIBOOST™ consumption or insufficient cleaning efficiency may often only be determined by means of a comprehensive laboratory testing.

Service Elements

During the cleaning process, the solvents can become contaminated due to cooling lubricants, oils and greases as well as their decomposition products. Using MAXICHECK™ Test Kits and MAXIBOOST™ Solvent Additives are used to guarantee the effectiveness of the cleaning machine and extend the life of the solvent.

When using DOWPER™ and NEU-TRI E products it is sometimes necessary to use a the MAXISTAB™ Stabiliser to prevent rapid solvent degradation.


Do less for more with COMPLEASE™ Chemical Leasing

COMPLEASE Chemical Leasing by SAFECHEM provides a personalised package that allows you to do less for more parts cleaning and covers several tasks involved in parts cleaning. From supplying you with the necessary chemicals, supporting you to improve cleaning results and optimise your consumption, to taking care of waste management and even including bath changes. All this for a fixed monthly rate.

How it works

With COMPLEASE™ you don't buy solvents anymore - you buy a personalised performance package that leaves nearly all the administration work to us. It is an innovative business model that enables you to choose a cost-transparent and an economically valuable combination for you.

By using COMPLEASE™ you pay a fixed monthly payment that has been tailored to your usage needs and covers the cost and delivery of all solvents, as well as the collection and disposal of the used solvents.