Multi-factor Authentication

What is Multi-Factor Authentication?

With the internet becoming more and more popular the information we provide online needs to be even more secure. One way of helping to secure data is with multi-factor authentication, this system adds an extra layer of security to your online account by requesting a second step after you enter your password that can only be accessed via your mobile phone number or an authenticator app, this makes it much more difficult for other people to access your

What options are available?

We offer two options when it comes to multi-factor authentication, both are quick and simple to use. You can either have a verification code sent to your mobile phone via SMS that you enter when you are logging into your account on our site.

The second option is to use an authenticator app like the Google Authenticator App which can be downloaded from the Google Play store or iTunes. You can then scan a QR code using your phone or enter a code into the app and it will give you a verification code to enter into our website.

Do I have to enable it?

In short, no you don't. Multi-factor authentication gives your online account an extra layer of security, we always recommend using but it is entirely up to your whether you choose to do so. You are more than welcome to use our site using the standard username and password only.

How do I enable it?

You can enable multi-factor authentication at any point from your account page. At the bottom of the page your will see a section called 'Authentication Settings', in this section you can select between enabling TOTP authentication (Using an authenticator app) or SMS authentication (A text message sent to your mobile phone)

Authenticator 1

Once you have selected an authentication option follow the instructions on screen and that's it, you've enabled multi-factor authentication.