About Us

Our Story

Our journey started in 1880, back then we were known as RW Greeff, in 2008 we rebranded as Univar Plc and became Univar Specialty Consumables.

Since the start of the business over 130 years ago we have had one very focused goal, to offer our customers the best service and technical support we can. We continue to focus on this every day by training our staff on all our products to ensure they can offer excellent technical support and making it as easy as possible for people to get what they want as fast as we can.

Something else that we are very focused on is safety and standards. Since the 1990's we have been ISO accredited or British Standard compliant as it was back in 90's. We pride ourselves on our safety record which includes over a decade without a single recordable injury.

Over the past 10 - 15 years our product portfolio has grown extensively, this has been thanks to our partnerships with the biggest names in the automotive industry where we stand line-side with their engineers to provide industry leading quality products and service.

Today we continue to strive to be the best partner for you. To help make your business run smoother and offer industry leading technical support and service every day.


Univar Specialty Consumables

We are a UK based distributor of abrasives, adhesives, adhesive tapes, lubricants, protection films and silicones operating from two sites situated in Tamworth, Staffordshire and Bangor, Northern Ireland. We have established over 130 years of experience in our core industries, which have typically been automotive, aerospace and engineering since our founding organisation RW Greeff. This portfolio has now grown in recent years to include construction, electronics, maintenance and repair.

Our main priority is, and always will be, the customer. We strive to continually improve to better serve and understand our customers’ needs further. This philosophy has led us to have the pleasure of working with some of the most prestigious brands, in the industries we serve, for many years. This has provided us with sustained growth, leading to the development of our core value of “Earning customers for life”.

How do we add value?

Our value is seen through:-

  • Our ability to access industrial consumables demanded by the market from leading global suppliers
  • Our ability to install advance processes to allow us to operate and stock product efficiently
  • Our ability to market our products effectively to inform you of how we can benefit you further
  • Our ability to deliver your products on time and in full quantities
  • Our technical solution capabilities

To ensure our philosophy of "Earning customers for life” is maintained we have developed tailored offerings to enhance the different areas of our business and provide specific technical solutions.

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