Molykote EM-30L Grease

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Size: 1KG
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Molykote EM-30L grease has been specially developed for plastic components such as automobiles, electrical appliances and audio equipment. The grease has a long service life and does not contain any silicone, this prevents problems with contact point failures.


  • Automobiles, electrical appliances, precision equipment, audio equipment and office equipment that have plastic parts.


  • Compatible with most plastics
  • Can be used for plastic-plastic contact, metal-metal contact and plastic-metal contact
  • Long service life
  • Low seepage, so it can be used in places wherein cleanliness is required
  • Does not contain silicone thereby preventing problems with contact point failures
Size 1KG
MPN 4061854
Product Type Lubricants and Chemicals
Brand Molykote


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