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Molykote 3400A Aero Anti-friction Coating 1 KG Can | Univar Specialty Consumables
Molykote 3400A is an aerospace specific heat curing dry film lubricant for metal on metal material pairings involving slow to...
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Molykote 44 High Temperature Bearing Grease | Medium | Univar Specialty Consumables
Molykote 44 high temperature bearing grease’ǒ_is a silicone lubricating oil with thickeners added. It is thickened with a special lithium...
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Molykote 55 O-ring grease
Molykote 55 O-ring grease is phenyl-methyl silicone based grease helps ensure positive lubrication and sealing. It does this by slightly...
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Molykote CU-7439 Plus Paste 500g Tin | Univar Specialty Consumables
Molykote Cu-7439 is a copper paste or components that are subjected to high temperatures. pressures and corrosive influences. It has...
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