Univet SoftPad Technology

Through the many settings of the terminal, the innovative use of materials and a meticulous design, SoftPad refines the already impressive ergonomics of Univet models, reaching a new and absolute comfort.

SoftPad Technology is a patented system designed to provide perfect stability to the safety glasses and full adaptability to the face of the user. The support of the eyewear is entrusted to the whole support area of the arm for a comfortable and stable fit. In addition to the length adjustment in 3 positions, the SoftPad system has a further tilting movement that allows the device to fit perfectly to the users head.

 Univet SoftPad Technology Video



The temples of the glasses can be adjusted in length and inclination to allow you to get the highest level of protection by combining the performance of the eyewear with the perfect fit. Each user is able to find the perfect device configuration and work in constant safety.

Univet-Adjustabe Arms


Nose Pad

The adjustable nose pads allow the glasses to be adjusted to each wearer, in order to view through the middle section of the lens so you get the highest optical quality. This makes the glasses fit better giving you more comfort so you can wear the glasses for longer periods.

Univet-Adjustable Nosepad


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