Top Tips for Using Wipes Wisely

Whether it’s cleaning, dusting or applying solvent or polish to a surface, we often rely on good quality wipes to get the job done. However, how you use them can have a significant impact on how long they last. Correct use can help you get as many as four uses from one wipe, cutting how much waste you generate and ultimately, helping you save up to 75% on costs.

From our supplier Chicopee, here are some top tips for using wipes wisely and maximising their lifespan.

Choose the right wipe for the right job

Before you reach for the nearest wipe, consider what kind of job is at hand. For example, wet wipes are more useful for oil spillages, but when it comes to dusting, tack wipes are best. Tack wipes can be especially useful for this type of work as they are designed to swiftly and cleanly remove any dust residue, effectively cleaning the surface without the need for multiple wipes.

Furthermore, if you use a wipe that isn’t up to the job, any dust left on the surface of a car panel for example may result in rework post-process in order to buff out and respray – leading to more time and money spent on the job overall.

Reuse your wipe

It may sound strange, but a wipe can actually be used multiple times, if handled correctly. For example, if using a wipe for solvents, once the solvent has evaporated from the wipe, it can be used again rather than being disposed of immediately.

When it comes to paintwork, as it needs to be clean and precise, a wipe can be used here first and then reused again for dirtier tasks, such as wiping away sealants under the car or cleaning off tools.

Use the right technique

Whether it’s a wet wipe or a dry cloth wipe, always keep it as flat as possible during use. It can be helpful to use the palm of your hand to aid even distribution and avoid scrunching. This will help extend its lifespan and enable you to get more uses out of it.

Another useful technique is the ‘picture framing’ method. Wipe the surface back and forth, then around the edges, ‘framing’ the clean – this will help you get the most out of your wipe whilst ensuring an effective clean.

Consider training

Although the correct use of wipes may not seem like a priority in your workplace, considering training on it can make a big difference. It can help to encourage employees away from their natural instinct to scrunch or only use certain sections of a wipe, before discarding.

Ultimately, knowing the correct technique and wipe for the job at hand can help in the long run to reduce waste, costs and time spent on jobs.

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