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Dow Corning Becomes DOWSIL

Dow Corning Becomes DOWSIL 0

In late May 2017, Dow announced that work had begun to integrate Dow Corning’s business into the broader structure of The Dow Chemical Company. The integration activities include the merging of Dow Corning’s and Dow’s SAP/enterprise resource planning systems, product branding updates, legal entity changes and a new website.

Thermal pastes: The what, how and why.

Thermal pastes: The what, how and why. 0

Thermal pastes are known by many names, thermal grease, thermal compound and CPU grease to name a few. All of these are essentially the same thing, they are all substances that are used to promote better heat conduction between two surfaces. They are commonly used in computers and electronic equipment between microprocessors and a heatsinks...
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