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What is decorators caulk?

What is decorators caulk? 0

Put simply, decorators caulk is a flexible filler that can be used to seal gaps around windows, doors, across the top edge of skirting boards and to cover cracks and fill gaps in ceiling coving prior to painting and is an essential item in any professional decorators bag. Decorators use caulk over something like silicone sealant for sealant skirting edges as is it can be painted, although it is a filler it cannot be used to fill holes in walls as it cannot be rubbed down.
3 of the best ways to clean paint rollers

3 of the best ways to clean paint rollers 0

We've all been there, you finish after a long day of painting and look down at your rollers covered in paint. The last thing you want to be doing is spending hours cleaning the roller sleeves. I have compiled 3 effective ways of cleaning your roller sleeves so they are ready to go for your next job. All of these methods are suited to rollers that have been used with water-based paints. Some of these methods can also be used with oil-based paints but I recommend using solvents to help with the cleaning of these as warm water and oil based paints don't mix well and you could end up in a real mess...
5 products for the eco-friendly decorator

5 products for the eco-friendly decorator 0

If you work in the painting and decorating trade or are just redecorating your house and care about the environment then this article is for you. In the 21st Century, brands are under more pressure than ever to produce products that are kind to the environment. That includes products that are bio-degradable, sustainable and that contain no harmful chemicals.
Which Masking Tape To Use?

Which Masking Tape To Use? 0

So you want to know which masking tape to use? We're assuming that you are doing some form of painting and want a nice professional finish. It might be decorating, DIY or car bodywork spraying. To establish which one you need we first need to explain the difference between the products on the market currently.
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