Reducing noise with MOLYKOTE® D96 Anti-Friction Coating

Lubricants make the world go round. For thousands of years fats, oils and greases have prevented wear, noise and costly failures in all sorts of areas — and they continue to do so. They are everywhere — from paper mills to cruise liners, cars to water treatment plants, diggers to oil wells. They are many and varied, and whilst they are quite often the last thing people think about they perform a vital function in keeping things moving. But what if your lubrication requirement isn’t a big piece of metal machinery? What if you can’t use a messy oil or sticky grease? In fact, what if your little lubrication issue just requires something long-lasting but dry to the touch? Something virtually invisible? And something that is safe for use with plastics and leather too? MOLYKOTE® D96 could be the answer...

D96-Sample-1MOLYKOTE® D96 is one of MOLYKOTE®’s range of dry film anti-friction coatings. They are bonded lubricants that, when cured, are dry to the touch. In essence, they are a selection of solid lubricant particles dispersed in resins and solvents. Most of the range is designed around metal components operating in environmental and performance extremes. However, MOLYKOTE® D96 is different. That is why it is the preferred choice for many automotive original equipment manufacturers (OEMs). MOLYKOTE® D96 can be used (and in most cases is used) in car plants and first tier OEMs where it eliminates noise on interior automotive components such as door panels, decorative trims, arm rests, center consoles, dashboards, glove boxes, etc., as well as leather equipment.

MOLYKOTE® D96 Dry Film Anti-Friction Coating is unique within the range giving it some highly desirable properties. Firstly, the solid particles used in MOLYKOTE® D96 are based primarily on PTFE. This means that it forms an almost transparent coating making it virtually invisible to the naked eye. Secondly, it is water based. This means not only is it safe to use on virtually all surfaces it is environmentally friendly and safe for users. Finally, it is air drying — not oven-cured like most of the other products within the range. 

To apply MOLYKOTE® D96, you need to firstly make sure that the areas to be treated are dry and free from grease or dust that would prevent the product from adhering. Remember MOLYKOTE® D96 has resins and bonding agents that help it ‘stick’ to surfaces to give a long-lasting coating. Then you apply the product by brushing, wiping or spraying; a thin film is all that is needed. Finally, you need to wait for the water to evaporate and the product to cure which, dependent on conditions, can take as little as 10 minutes (sometimes less if you add a little hot air.) Then you are good to go. A safe and hard-wearing dry film lubricant for a wide variety of applications.




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