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Mini rollers with huge possibilities

Two Fussy Blokes is a brand that strives for the best when it comes to providing a high quality finish. This demanding goal is what drove two decorators from New Zealand to produce their own mini rollers. Tired of the poor quality rollers on the market, Peter Spychala and Chris Pilipczuk put their heads together to come up with a range of premium quality, high performance mini rollers that produce a spray like finish every time. Their final product has proved popular with professional and amateur decorators and the brand is quickly growing in the market.

What's all the fuss?

What makes these rollers stand above the competition is the high quality microfibre that is used. This material holds a huge amount of paint and the soft fibres produce a fantastic finish. These two characteristics allow the user to work faster whilst maintaining a high quality finish.

The outside of the rollers is not the only area that has received attention, inside the roller has been treated with the same meticulous scrutiny. Each roller has an internal ring that prevents the roller sleeve from sticking on the arm which would cause sliding, also the end of the rollers are colour coded in the same colours as the outer packaging so you can quickly identify between smooth and semi-smooth variations.

That takes us nicely on to the two variations that are available. Let's look at them in more detail.

Smooth - Red

Two Fussy Blokes Smooth Mini Rollers | Decorating Tools | Univar SC

This version is designed to produce and ultra smooth finish, they are ideal for using on smooth surfaces such as kitchen doors and radiators. The 5mm nap holds a large amount of paint and can produce a spray like finish on smooth surfaces.

Semi-Smooth - Green

Two Fussy Blokes Smooth Mini Rollers | Decorating Tools | Univar SC

The Semi-Smooth version has a 10mm nap and is excellent for working on rougher, more uneven surfaces where a super smooth finish is not required. The longer nap also allows you to create an even finish on uneven surfaces.

Both options of the Two Fussy Blokes mini rollers fit to a standard, bar roller frame and are easy to install and remove, even when covered in paint.

Favourites from Two Fussy Blokes

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