Large turbine being welded


Electrical generator turbine pedestal.

Operational parameters (LETS)

  • Load: The total weight of the rotating part of the turbine is carried by the pedestals; surface pressure is relatively high
  • Environment: Very clean and dry environment 
  • Temperature: Ambient maximum 40°C
  • Process description: The grease is manually pumped with a grease gun; prior to installation, the surfaces are coated using a brush


The application experienced excessive friction levels due to metal-to-metal contact. Heat was generated, causing the rotating shaft to expand. In extreme cases, this caused the shaft to bend, resulting in high costs and downtime. The customer also observed high levels of vibration.

The previously used grease was not the right product for the application, as it did not prevent metal-to-metal contact. A product containing lubricating solids is most effective in this situation for slow operating speeds.


MOLYKOTE® G-N Plus Paste contains a high concentration of lubricating solids and significantly reduced the friction caused by metal-to-metal contact. This change allowed the rotating shaft to expand and contract easily without any stick-slip. The customer also saw a significant reduction in observed vibration levels.

Using this paste eliminated failures due to bent shafts, resulting in cost savings.

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This case study was taken from the MOLYKOTE case study library. See the original case study here.

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