Molkote G-9000 replaces Molykote 1292

In a communication to distributors in September 2018 Dow®, the parent company of Molykote™ announced that Molykote™ 1292 was being discontinued. Although they have not given any specific reason for the product being discontinued Dow® have highlighted the new Molykote™ G-9000 grease as a replacement.

What is Molykote™ G-9000?

Molykote™ G-9000 Grease is a new phenyl-fluoro siloxane copolymer based grease developed as a long life, high temperature bearing grease. It can be used in a variety of applications that require a high quality grease for use at higher temperatures, with bearings being the primary application target.

Molykote G-9000 Grease Product sheet | Univar Specialty Consumables

Download Molykote G-9000 product sheet here

Download Molykote G-9000 MSDS here

Other alternatives

As well as G-9000 Dow® also stated that Molykote™ 3451 could be used as an alternative to the discontinued Molykote™ 1292. This Chemical resistant bearing grease is a fluro-silicone compound and is ideal for lubricating metal on metal combinations. Molykote™ 3451 also has a slightly wider temperature range than G-9000 (-40°C - 230°C compared to -35°C - 220°C for G-9000). This makes in an ideal alternative as it will suit many of the applications that 1292 was intended for.


In summary, although Molykote® 1292 is leaving the market there are a couple of great alternatives available as replacements. You can find more information about these products on the product pages of our website or if you require more information about which product is right for your application you can call our team on 01827 255250. 

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