Molykote G-5511: Two Applications, One Grease

Molykote has developed a technology-driven solution to help meet the special lubrication challenges of operating mechanical equipment in water-rich environments. Molykote G-5511 Water Tap Compound is a lubricating grease which uses advanced double-duty technology to provide performance and manufacturing cost benefits to water tap manufacturers. The product allows manufacturers to use one product, instead of two.

To prevent wear and corrosion, while also resisting water spray-off, water taps have traditionally needed two different grades of grease to seal and lubricate screw taps. The first grade would lubricate the ceramic discs in the water tap/cartridge. The second grade would lubricate plastics.

Lubricating ceramic discs requires a grease with potable water approval, compatibility with ceramics and resistance to water washout.

The plastic lubrication can be done with a lower-priced grease with plastics compatibility. However, traditional lubricants don’t serve both applications, and the use of the wrong lubricant can lead to surface degradation, poor equipment reliability and frequent, unplanned maintenance.

Molykote G-5511 Water Tap Compound does ‘double duty’ by serving both needs in one product, as well as delivering other performance advantages, this compound meets several global standards for drinking water contact; is compatible with ceramic discs, rubber gaskets and plastic components; and shows excellent water resistance for longer cartridge lifetime.

Extensive competitive testing in Molykote’s laboratories indicated better tackiness and adhesion properties, excellent water resistance, better coefficient of friction and good load-carrying capacity.

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