Are natural bristle paint brushes a thing of the past?

Are natural bristle paint brushes a thing of the past? 0

When it comes to paint brushes there is one question that we get asked more than any other, do I need a synthetic or natural bristle brush? The short answer to this question depends on the type of paint you are using. Natural bristle brushes or Pure Bristle brushes as they are also known are most suited to oil-based paints and not water-based paints due to the fact that they will absorb the water in the paint and swell making them hard to work with. Most modern synthetic bristle brushes can be used with both oil-based and water-based paints.
Which Masking Tape To Use?

Which Masking Tape To Use? 0

So you want to know which masking tape to use? We're assuming that you are doing some form of painting and want a nice professional finish. It might be decorating, DIY or car bodywork spraying. To establish which one you need we first need to explain the difference between the products on the market currently.
Dow Corning Becomes DOWSIL

Dow Corning Becomes DOWSIL 0

In late May 2017, Dow announced that work had begun to integrate Dow Corning’s business into the broader structure of The Dow Chemical Company. The integration activities include the merging of Dow Corning’s and Dow’s SAP/enterprise resource planning systems, product branding updates, legal entity changes and a new website.

Univar Sticks With Quality With Tesa® Masking Tape Additions.

Univar Sticks With Quality With Tesa® Masking Tape Additions. 0

LONDON, February 08, 2018 — Univar BV, a subsidiary of Univar Inc. (NYSE: UNVR) (“Univar”), a global chemical and ingredient distributor and provider of value-added services, has extended its relationship with tesa UK Ltd to distribute its range of Professional masking solutions. tesa is a Worldwide industry leader in self-adhesive product and system solutions with over 100 years’ experience whose products perform to the highest standards.
Univar Keeps It Clean With Uniwipe Partnership

Univar Keeps It Clean With Uniwipe Partnership 0

Univar Specialty Consumables has entered a partnership with industrial wipe manufacturer Uniwipe Ltd. Effective immediately, this partnership sees Univar add the new Ultragrime wipe to its portfolio. 
What Is Dust Control?

What Is Dust Control? 0

So you're working in a dusty environment and know you need make the area safe to work in. Not just for you but for your team and your clients. This is known as dust control, but what do you need and what is the best way to do it? 
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