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With over 140 years experience within distribution and manufacturing we're here to earn customers for life.

We specialise in process improvements that help your business find the right solution. Over the years we have forged long lasting relationships with world class suppliers and customers to provide high quality consumables, tools and equipment. With an outstanding service record and tailored delivery options we supply the products you need, when you need them.

We are key channel partners for brands like MOLYKOTE, Dow and 3M. These relationships mean we can provide your business with expertise in a wide range of applications to ensure you are always using the right product for the job.

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MOLYKOTE Specialty Lubrication

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Sale price£41.89Inc VAT
MOLYKOTE P-37 Anti-seize Paste
Molykote Z Powder 1KG
Sale price£119.99Inc VAT
Sale price£809.08Inc VAT
MOLYKOTE Microsize Powder 1KG
Sale price£274.36Inc VAT
Sale priceFrom £25.20Inc VAT
MOLYKOTE P74 Anti-seize
Molykote P-40 Anti Seize Paste 1KGMolykote P-40 Anti Seize Paste 5KG
Sale priceFrom £49.24Inc VAT
MOLYKOTE P40 Anti-Seize Paste


We are UK distributors of SAFECHEM. Supplying The SAFETAINER® System and Service Elements.


Our Accreditations

At Univar we pride ourselves on achieving operational greatness to offer the best service possible to our customers. We constantly work to the highest standards and set the bar for quality and service.

The Univar Specialty Consumables company management system complies with BS EN ISO 9001 & ISO 14001 and covers the following sites for the sourcing, procurement and supply of silicones, lubricants and industrial consumable products for the UK and export markets including the use of in-house storage and distribution facilities. - USC House, Tame Park, Vanguard, Wilnecote, Tamworth, Staffordshire B77 5DY; for both ISO 9001 & 14401

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Large threaded bars lined up | Molykote paste case study

MOLYKOTE® Paste Reduces Thread Failures on Oil-Drilling Equipment

Case Study
Cold-welding and galling on stainless steel threaded connections was causing thread defects at an unacceptable failure rate (approximately 25%). These failed parts needed to be sent to an offsite repair facility, which cost the customer labor, shipping and weeks of production time.
Large turbine being welded

MOLYKOTE® Paste Reduces Friction and Failures in Turbine Pedestal

Case Study
MOLYKOTE Pastes are ideal for reducing friction in metal on metal applications. In this case study, the application experienced excessive friction levels. This caused heat and shaft expansion. Read the solution.
Why is Gear Oil Viscosity Important?

Why is Gear Oil Viscosity Important?

Viscosity is extremely important when selecting gear oils as it significantly determines the formation of a lubricant film. By increasing the viscosity of the lubricating oil this creates a thicker lubricant film which in turn improves the anti-wear and dampening properties as well as scuffing load capacity....
Formaldehyde in cutting fluids. What you need to know. | Castrol Cutting Fluids

Formaldehyde in Cutting Fluids. Exactly What You Need to Know.

The European Union has reclassified several formaldehyde-releasing agents (FRAs) such as methylenedimorpholine (MBM), oxazolidine (MBO) and hydroxypropylamine (HPT) as category 1B carcinogens. Previously, formaldehyde itself was classed as a carcinogen – but formaldehyde-releasing agents were not...
Dowsil | Dow Corning | Electrical | Sealants

Dow Corning Becomes DOWSIL


In late May 2017, Dow announced that work had begun to integrate Dow Corning’s business into the broader structure of The Dow Chemical Company. The integration activities include the merging of Dow Corning’s and Dow’s SAP/enterprise resource planning systems, product branding updates, legal entity changes and a new website.

How to prevent dust and dirt in your spray booth | Blog | Univar SC

4 Tips For Preventing Dust And Dirt In Your Spray Booth

So you have a high-quality spray booth but keep finding dirt and dust in your paintwork. The solution is usually not as complicated as you might think. These tips will help you to prevent dirt in your spray booth and hopefully save you the headache of having to retouch paint jobs...